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Lancashire RFU - Cauliflower Ear Campaign

The Cauliflower Ear campaign is Lancashires RFUs programme to raise awareness and provide support for Mental Health & Emotional Wellbeing.

A lot of people don’t feel comfortable talking or perhaps even thinking about mental – or emotional health, but it can be just as important as physical health.
Having good emotional health is essential for people to make the most of their life; to cope with the stresses and challenges that are thrown at us and to play a full part in all of life’s activities.
The importance of emotional well -being is getting more and more media attention these days and in recent months this has also been highlighted by several high profile individuals bringing their own struggles out into the public forum to raise awareness.

The Cauliflower Ear campaign aims to take away the stigmas surrounding mental health and get members of clubs to look after each other by starting conversations and getting people to ask their team mates Are you OK? – A simple question which we seem not to ask enough.

Sometimes a simple conversation is enough to alleviate someone’s worries, stress or anxiety. We all know the old adage a problem shared is a problem halved but if a more specialised conversation is needed the county has funded the professional counsellors at Acorn Emotional Wellbeing to be on hand to provide confidential & discreet support to those who need it.

For further information you can contact

or you can go direct to Acorn via their website Acorn Emotional Wellbeing - Home ( or email or call Tel: 07517122768

Don’t suffer in silence, remember there is always someone there to Lend a Cauliflower Ear

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