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Return to Play

As you will have read, we are currently at Phase B of the Return to Play protocols (copy attached). We still have a fair way to go until we get to a full return to play (phase F).

We have been receiving a number of complaints both directly and from the RFU Disciplinary Department in relation to teams training in breach of the current guidance. As it stands, groups should be fewer than 6 with no close contact work.

Some clubs seem to have misunderstood this guidance and we have been made aware of everything from live scrummaging, rucking drills to normal training programs.

We urge all clubs to read the guidance and to follow it, not just from an RFU perspective but also from a Public Health England one.

If the Club and/or Coach continue to breach the guidance then a 5.12 charge against the Coach and/or the Club will be considered.

We have been made aware by the RFU that if clubs train outside of the guidance then it is likely that the club’s liability and injury insurances will be voided.

If you have any questions about the RTP process or advice on how to deal with any club/coach issues, please let me know.

Brian H Stott Honorary Secretary Lancashire County RFU Disciplinary Committee

Please see a copy of the letter and the copy of the RTP protcols mentioned in the information above:

RTP Letter and Stages of RTP

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