Almost but not quite for West Park/VOL/Burnley at National U18 Cup Final

Berkshire Baa Baas 24 v 17 WP/VOL/B

With just a sprinkling of experienced players , two very young subs , a young team playing against 23 very good players almost snatched the Cup.

Its always easy to look back at some decisions and say they were game changers , but a disallowed try as the ref was unsighted at the last minute , giving only a penalty after a deliberate knock on right in front of the posts when there was a 3 player overlap and refusing to allow West Park to take quick penalties , when they eventually lost to one , did change the result , but that would have been unfair Berks playing a side drawn from the whole County were the better side and deserved the win .

A lot of battered and bruised players can hold their heads up high , they competed at a very high level in a furnace of a game and never took a step backwards....the performance of Charlie Wilcock was so great that the opposition have singled her out on their web page and spoke to the organisors after the game to say she was absolutely outstanding.

It is said you can learn more from losing than from wining...this is a case in point...every single player on that pitch is capable of climbing everest , flying to the moon or anything else they want to do................two words describe the performance and the players who took part, several of whom were injured , went off , got strapped up and came back on....................TRUE GRIT.

Cat: U18 G