DPP Liaison Manager - Lancashire

DPP Liaison Manager – Lancashire


Lancashire’s Director of Rugby Development Howard Hughes is delighted to announce that Bill Nichol has accepted the role of DPP Liaison Manager for Lancashire starting with immediate effect.


“We had a few people interested on the Role but Bill’s proven track record of working with the County Age Group sides and the Sale Sharks DPP was invaluable and will only strengthen our (Lancashire) links with our partners in  the DPP especially Sale Sharks.” He continued “ Bill is a canny operator and he’ll make sure that from a  county point of view we will reap the maximum benefit from the DPP programme  along with the Lancashire based players involved within it.”


The DPP is a development programme that compliments school, club and county playing programmes, providing further development opportunities without the conflict of competition. It is a national programme managed by the RFU and delivered locally in partnership with the RFU, Regional Academy (Sale Sharks) and Constituent Bodies (Lancashire & Cheshire).

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