Volunteers Celebrations

Lancashire RFU recently celebrated the Volunteers Awards at Leigh RUFC and Blackburn RUFC . These awards are given to volunteers nominated by their clubs in recogntion of what they do for their own club.:

Aldwinians   Ian Spivey and Christine Spivey

Ashton U Lyne (Lancashire JRC Committee)   Allen Bower

Blackburn   Carolyne Doherty

Burnley      Sam Boyle

Bury          Phil Kay

Firwood Waterloo     Kevin Brookman and Dr Richard Cooke

Garstang    Robert Johnstone

Leigh         Jude Downs

Littleboro'  Clair Carson,  Rebecca Stott, Samuel Dickinson and James Bex

LSH           Colin Davy

Oldham      Kieran Burrows

Orrell         Graham Winstanley

Rochdale    Steven Halliwell

Sedgeley Pk  Roger Berry

Widnes       Allen Yorke

Wigan        Andrew Sharples

Below are a selection of photographs from the two evenings. Awards were presented by Lancashire President Tom Fitzgerald.

200   IMG 9467  IMG 9468  IMG 9471  IMG 9472


IMG 9475  IMG 9478  IMG 9485  IMG 9489  IMG 9494






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