Lancashire U17 Assessment Groups 27th January 2019

Lancashire U17 Assessment Day – Player Groups

The Assessment Day will be held on the 3G pitch at Myerscough College, St. Michael's Road, Preston PR3 0RY on Sunday 27 January 2019.

The nominated players have been allocated to either Group 1 or Group 2.

The list of players in each Group is attached to this announcement.

The players in Group 1 will need to arrive for registration at the changing rooms by 14.30 for a prompt start on the 3G at 15.00 and will be finished by 16.30 at the latest.

The players in Group 2 will need to arrive for registration at the changing rooms by 16.00 for a prompt start on the 3G at 16.30 and will be finished by 18.00 at the latest.

There will be 4 teams in each group and each player will be provided with a numbered playing shirt.  Because we are unsure of exact numbers until the beginning of the warm-up, occasionally a player may be asked to change team and numbered playing shirt.

An Assessor will be allocated to each individual player not only to assess the player’s performance but also to support the player throughout the Assessment Day should any issues arise.  Each individual player will receive feedback from their Assessor at the end of their session.

Time has been allocated after the introduction by our Head Coach on the 3G pitch for each player to meet their Assessor before the warm-up begins.

Our physio will be available and, due to the large number of players, would appreciate advance notice of medical conditions and injuries together with any physio support that will be required.  Please send this important medical information to our Team Manager, Ian Jones, at (its an underscore after ‘jones’).

Injured or Unavailable Players

Please notify our Team Manager, Ian Jones, at (its an underscore after ‘jones’) if you are injured or unavailable as soon as you can so we can re-arrange the teams and Groups if required.

All injured players are invited to attend the Assessment Day to meet the coaching team and to support/assist our Team Manager.

All injured and unavailable players will be considered in the selection process.

This is the beginning of your transition in to senior rugby.  It’s a 4-year journey through Lancashire age-grade rugby for this group followed by senior Lancashire rugby so, if you do not get selected, stay positive, be patient and work hard to improve your standard of performance.  The door will always be open for you with Lancashire Rugby.

Yours in Rugby

Lancashire U17 Coaching Team

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