Lancashire U17 Nominations invited:

The Nominations for this seasons Lancashire U17’s are as follows.

Head Coach Carl Fox, the coaches and Team Management are again taking this age group through a two year journey through County Rugby, Following the success of the previous two years the coaches of this age group are using the same protocol that was successfully adopted in the previous two seasons and is as follows.

The Trial Process is a completely open process where the coaches and Team Management actively encourage players to try to become a County Player. The attached Nomination form must be filled in with all Players Details. There is no limit to the number of players that are nominated by a Club Coach / School Master but it must be pointed out that County Rugby has extremely high standard compared with most rugby that has previously been played by the player and that sometimes pushing a player into this environment can sometimes be of detriment to the players development rather than developing the player.

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Lancashire U17 Assessment Information

Lancashire U17 Contact Form to be completed