COUNTY SAFEGUARDING = 2015-2016 Season Review


COUNTY SAFEGUARDING = 2015-2016 Season Review


Carol Baker


Lancashire CB County Safeguarding Manager




Safeguarding and Discipline continue to work closely and fall naturally under the Governance committee remit.




The 2015-2016 season has been a great success with regards to safeguarding the Young People and Vulnerable Persons involved with rugby in our county.  Very few incidents have had to be investigated and reported upon. A most welcome statistic.




Clubs throughout the county continue to have highly qualified and skilled officers in the Club Safeguarding Officer (CSO) role.  The wealth of experience brought to protecting young people in our county is second to none, with many officers responsible for safeguarding in their paid professions. These officers are using transferrable skills to the voluntary roles they undertake within Rugby Union, and to those officers I send my most sincere thanks, both from the County Board but also the thousands of young people who play the wonderful game. The young people they work tirelessly to keep safe.




There have been two ‘In Touch’ courses run specifically for CSO’s this season with more planned at the start of next season.  There have been a number of (Play it Safe) courses (10+), run throughout the county; training coaches, managers and volunteers. All people engaged with young people on a regular basis. Volunteers at your clubs who make a positive contribution to developing happy well rounded young people.




“We all have a responsibility to support and nurture the children of today for they will be the adults of our future”




The RFU have recruited two new Safeguarding trainers to help deliver further courses, Amanda Walsh and Carole Alker, members of Sefton RUFC and highly experienced in the safeguarding arena. I thank you for your commitment to the new posts and welcome you delivering more courses next season. Stuart Urquhart RDO, Alan Jack coach tutor, have supported in delivery of courses also and I thank you. Both gentlemen bringing a balance to the training (along with some humour).




Christine Spivey (Aldwinians) Ange Pender (Liverpool Collegiate) and Jane Lyth (Preston Grasshoppers) have again provided continued support as Deputy Safeguarding Managers for the county covering the cluster areas, of Manchester, Merseyside and North Lancashire respectively. Thank you ladies.




It is with sadness but understanding that I have had to accept Jane Lyth’s resignation from her post. Family circumstances and responsibilities now prevent Jane from continuing in the role. Jane in the past nine seasons has provided a support and level headedness to the Safeguarding Mangers role, bringing a ‘common sense’ approach to dealing with incidents, supporting other club safeguarding officers and liaising with her cluster clubs. Thank you Jane we sincerely appreciate your hard work and dedication and wish you much happiness in the future.




Lancashire CB Safeguarding has been identified as a model of good practice and I personally was asked to support nationally the newly appointed CBSM’s of Durham, Cumbria & Yorkshire. These new RFU officers are currently adapting to their new roles and I am delighted to have been asked to provide support and mentoring to these people.




At the time of writing I am unable to report on the National CBSM conference that was held in June 2015. (Very sudden personal circumstances meant I was unable to attend last June) but I will report on the forthcoming (June 2016 conference) in next year’s report.




If I may beg an indulgence and take this opportunity to personally thank each and everyone who has supported Thomas, Matthew and myself over this very difficult past year. The RUGBY Family Truly is something very special to us and has given us so much to be thankful and grateful for, providing many happy memories of Michael and his involvement within the County also. My role as CBSM has provided focus and distraction at times. Thank you, I am most grateful. 




The Lancashire CSO conference will be run again for the county at the start of the 2016-2017 season. The agenda will include interesting and diverse aspects to safeguarding. I am fortunate to have secured the services of some interesting guest speakers.  Date and venue to follow once confirmed.